Maguma Studio was Maguma's first PHP editor. Later versions were called Workbench.

Maguma Studio is the source-level IDE, equipped with all the features known from other languages' development environments.

Through tight integration of the PHP interpreter and the PHP documentation, Maguma Studio gives developers a time-saving development tool. Features full integration of the PHP interpreter and the PHP documentation (through "function insight" and F1-key popup manual pages), integrated preview window, full syntax highlighting for HTML and PHP, Auto Complete for frequently used text constructs, tag buttons and all the standard editing functions like almost unlimited undo, copy and paste, searching, etc. Studio is smaller and faster loading than other PHP IDEs.

Maguma Enterprise Server specific features, as for example an interface to the Maguma Enterprise Server and to the version control system are not available in the light-version. The benefits of these features become especially clear when working on more complex enterprise projects, where tight integration of development and runtime environments is necessary.

You can download Maguma Studio from Tucows.