Maguma was an early software vendor for tools and platforms for enterprise PHP development.

Maguma was a provider of enterprise PHP development tools. Tobias Ratschiller, co-founder of Maguma, had already begun to work toward such solutions in 1998, when he started phpMyAdmin. PhpMyAdmin, today well known in the PHP community, is a web-based database viewer/editor for MySQL databases which was at the time lacking such tools. In 2001, Tobias turned development of phpMyAdmin over to a group of developers who have carried the torch up until now.

With the founding of Pentap Technologies in 20010, later to become Maguma, Tobias brought together a team of developers to create server-based tools to perform the same service that phpMyAdmin provided database users, tools that create a solution and ease or speed the overall process of building applications.

Tobias stepped down from his role with the company in 2002 to found a new venture called Senza Limiti, leaving the company in the hands of new management right on the eve of the release of Maguma's first IDE (Integrated Development Environment). This new flagship product was the beginning of a set of tools that provided developers tools to create and deploy websites and web applications rapidly.

In 2003, a new shareholder took over the company and in the next years it morphed into different other businesses.